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Betancourt Nutrition is a sports nutrition brand that is formulated by exercise scientists, bodybuilders and chemists that strive to push the limits of human performance with research backed ingredients. Unlike many 'underground' hardcore brands the products are manufactured in our own cGMP (certified for good manufacturing practices) facilities to ensure the utmost quality and label accuracy.
Simply put we create products that work, formula's you can feel and we've continued to maintain our reputation for having some of the best tasting products in the industry. The brand continues to grow year after year thanks to the simple goal of beating the competition for every product we launch. We are the brand for those who continue to push their limits. COMPETITION BREEDS INNOVATION.





   BETANCOURT B-NOX 35SER Xtreme spl price:Rs 3599

                                 MRP : Rs 5999 (15% OFF)


BETANCOURT BLEND 4.36LBS Xtreme price : Rs 5199
                                        MRP: 6550 (15% OFF)



      BETANCOURT BCAA 30 SER  Xtreme spl price: Rs 2399
                                        MRP: 3800 (14% OFF)