Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc. (BSN®) was founded in 2001 and since then has become a global leader in the sports nutrition marketplace through relentless dedication to creating dynamic, cutting-edge, and result-producing products. BSN® products and the brand itself have won more than 35 sports nutrition awards over the course of the last six years, more than any other company in the industry. This legacy of performance has created tremendous brand awareness and loyalty for the company, building a faithful following of consumers, athletes and fans in the process.

BSN®'s reach and exposure are truly global, with products shipped to over 40,000 retailers nationally and distributed in over 90 countries worldwide. Its diverse product line has always produced results among the company's core demographic; however, the majority of its products are multi-functional enough that they offer applications for a myriad of lifestyles and consumer types, setting BSN® apart from a number of its competitors whose products lack this valuable mass appeal. Given this potential for tapping into broader markets, BSN® is committed to bringing top-of-the-line nutritional supplementation and beverages to a mass audience through broadened distribution channels and innovative partnerships.




 BSN TRUE MASS GAINER 5.7LBS  Xtreme price  : Rs 4999

                                 MRP : Rs 6899 (20% OFF)

          BSN SYNTHA 6

BSN SYNTHA-6  2LBS    Xtreme spl price offer : Rs 3599

                                  MRP : Rs 4499 ( 20% off )

BSN SYNTHA-6  5LBS    Xtreme spl price offer : Rs 4799

                                  MRP : Rs 7549 ( 30% off )

BSN SYNTHA-6  10 LBS Xtreme spl price offer : Rs 9,399

                                  MRP : Rs 12,999 ( 19% off )

           BSN NO XPLODE

          BSN No Explode 60 serv Xtreme spl price offer : Rs 3999
                                         MRP: 4799 (22% OFF)


 BSN NITRIX 2.0  3.92 LBS  Xtreme price offer : Rs 4599
                                       MRP: 6599 (15% OFF)

           BSN HYPER SHRED

  BSN HYPER SHRED 90 CAPS  Xtreme price offer : Rs 2499
                                       MRP: 3399 (15% OFF)

             BSN PUMPED EDGE

       BSN PUMPED EDGE  30 SER  Xtreme spl price  : Rs 2399

                                      MRP: 3800 (13% OFF)



BSN SYNTHA-6 ISOLATE 5LBS  Xtreme spl price: Rs 6199
                                        MRP: 7499 (20% OFF)


             BSN NITRIX

       BSN NITRIX  180TAB Xtreme price offer : Rs 3199
                                        MRP: 3799 (15% OFF)         


       BSN NITRIX 2.0  90 TABS  Xtreme price offer : Rs 2999
                                       MRP: 3599 (15% OFF)

            BSN HYPER FX

   BSN HYPER FX 324GMS Xtreme spl price offer : Rs 2399
                                      MRP: 2999 (15% OFF)


              BSN AMINO X

     BSN AMINO X  30SERV   Xtreme spl price offer : Rs 2299
                                        MRP: 2750 (18% OFF)

       BSN TRUE MASS 1200

TRUE MASS 1200  10LBS  Xtreme price offer :Rs 5999
                                       MRP: 6999 (14% OFF)