• Build Muscles with food / while sleeping ?
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To Build Muscle: With Food

Add 1 tbsp. (14.1 g) of peanut butter and 1 scoop of whey protein powder to your breakfast cereal, preferably oatmeal.

Mix thoroughly with a spoon and eat immediately.


To Build Muscle: While Sleeping

Sprinkle approximately 0.74 oz. (21 g) of whey powder and 0.14 oz. (4 g) of casein (another milk protein available in powder form) on food that is part of your last meal of the day.

Blend with a spoon and eat immediately. Eating whey protein before you go to sleep helps prevent the protein breakdown that naturally occurs while we sleep. To build muscle, you want to minimize any protein losses.


Weight Loss: Meal Replacement

Prepare shakes according to package directions for weight loss.

Replace 1 to 2 meals with a whey protein shake or drink a shake before a meal. Replacing meals with a shake will satisfy your hunger and give you energy. Consuming a shake before a meal will reduce food intake and post-meal blood glucose and insulin levels.



As with most things, too much protein can be harmful. Extra protein will be broken down and excreted but this might put additional stress on your kidneys. There is still controversy over this. Always check with your doctor or nutritionist about adding whey protein to your diet and be sure to have a protein chart that provides the amount needed for your lifestyle.