• Build your own muscle building stack !
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  • Own Muscle Building Stack


    Whey Protein

    If there's one nutrient that's an absolute must in your diet, protein is it. Protein forms the building blocks for your muscle tissue, so without it your body would lack a critical component needed for muscle to even exist. Whey is one of the best absorbed forms of protein in the body, even higher than chicken or fish. The benefits are vast!

    • Easy and convenient
    • Helps satisfy cravings
    • Promotes strength gains*
    • Promotes cardiovascular function*
    • Immune system optimization*


    Multi-vitamins are one of the best investments one can make in supplementing their exercise and diet.* Essentially, multi-vitamins encourage efficiency in your body for all of its various functions.* Deficiency in any one vitamin can result in a multiplier effect, meaning that missing one vitamin can negatively affect multiple body functions.

    • Fast metabolism for anyone trying to lose fat*
    • Health immune system function*
    • Strong bones and tissue*
    • Efficient muscle building and repair*
    • Daily body maintenance*


    You can use micellar casein to support long-term muscle building and help keep your muscles happy as you go about your day.* While whey isolate protein is ideal for your post-workout shake, micellar casein protein is the top choice for repair around the clock when you aren't training.*

    • Fights catabolism*
    • Long term protein absorption and muscle repair*
    • Lean muscle development*

    Pre-Workout Boosters

    Pre-workout boosters are designed to help you maximize your time in the gym and attack those weight racks!* Some of the benefits you may experience are:

    • Sharp mental alertness and focus*
    • Skyrocketing energy levels*
    • Circulating oxygen flow in the muscle tissue*
    • Explosive muscular energy*
    • Vein-popping vascular pumps*



    The biggest enemy to a good workout is fatigue. As much as you try to fight it, eventually your muscles grow tired and your strength plummets. It could mean the end to your workout, so fight back! When you supplement with creatine, fatigue may be reduced to help you get the most out of your workouts!*

    • Improved muscular strength and output levels*
    • Reduced sensation of muscular fatigue*
    • Improved recovery rates so you can push harder in every workout*
    • Increased muscular endurance capacity*
    • Hydrated muscles for a larger and fuller appearance*


    There are nine essential amino acids that the body cannot manufacture itself and must be consumed. Of those nine, L-Leucine, L-IsoLeucine, and L-Valine play a critical role in muscle development because they are metabolized in the muscle rather than the liver.* Because of this, BCAAs commonly support:

    • Strength and power*
    • Quick recovery after workout sessions*
    • Muscle building potential*
    • Energy levels*