Flavors available :
  • Fruit Punch
  • Cherry Lemonade

          This Product Works Well With:

          BSN SYNTHA 6

CELLUCOR M5 XTREME 30SERV:Rs 3099                  

Cellucor M5 Extreme 2-in-1

 is a pre-workout supplement that gives the user the capability of customizing the supplement to their specific workout needs. One thing about most pre-workout supplements is that they normally have an ingredient or two that boosts energy levels, and, normally, these are stimulant-based. Sure, this is a great thing in many cases, but what about when you get to the gym late but still need to make sure you can fall off to sleep at a reasonable time? I remember many times in the past few years where I would arrive at the gym late for a heavy workout and later find that the pre-workout (typically nitric oxide-based) was keeping me up later than I wanted. So, back to this new customizable version of Cellucor M5 Extreme, this supplement comes in a split container with two compartments. The bottom portion is their “Build” component while the top portion is their “Ignite” component. Hence, if you need the added energy boost, you can always add a scoop or two of the “Ignite” to your one scoop of the “Build” in order to kick things up one or two notches. On the other hand, if you do not need the added energy boost or simply want to work out without the stimulants for any reason, you can merely take one scoop of the “Build” component and go hit the weights!

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