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 JAY CUTLER PRO STIM 56 TABS: Rs 2199                  

Jay Cutler Elite Series Pro Stim

Super Concentrated Cutting Formula!

Helps Cut Body Fat And Bring Out Extra Muscle Definition!

What is Pro Stim?

PRO STIM is a highly specific, very precise selection of ingredients designed to help burn excess fat. PRO STIM may be especially useful for Professional Athletes that want to get lean prior to competition. This dietary Fat Burner is not for everyone.

Why is it Better?

PRO STIM is very intense and makes use of some of the most dynamic CNS stimulants and thermogenic-enhancing compounds we’ve ever seen. In fact, Jay Cutler himself uses PRO STIM 4-8 weeks before getting on stage. We don’t know of a better endorsement than when the greatest bodybuilder of this era uses it himself.

What are the Benefits?

The ingredients found in PRO STIM have been research for their ability to increase energy expenditure through increased thermogenic rate, stimulate muscle protein synthesis, and cut body fat by reducing appetite and caloric intake levels.

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