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                                       OPTIMUM NUTRITION POWER STACK INCLUDES:

                                                                   ON HYDRO WHEY 3.5 LBS
                                                    ON 100% GOLD STD WHEY PROTEIN 5LBS
                                                        ON 100% GOLD STD CASEIN 4LBS
                                                                             ON OPTIMEN

                                                       COMBO STACK PRICE : 21,499 

                                                                     (MRP : 28,200)


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                                               BSN NUTRITION XTREME PUMP STACK INCLUDES:

                                                                       BSN SYNTHA 6   5 LBS
                                                             BSN NO-XPLODE 2.0   50 SERVINGS
                                                                        BSN NITRIX 2.0 90 TABS

                                                          COMBO STACK PRICE : 12,499

                                                                   (MRP : 15,200)


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                                      BSN NUTRITION XTREME MASS BUILD UP STACK INCLUDES:

                                                                   BSN TRUE MASS 5.75 LBS
                                                                     BSN NO XPLODE 2.0 50 SER
                                                                   BSN CELLMASS 2.0  50 SER

                                                    COMBO STACK PRICE : 12,499

                                                                 (MRP : 15,200)


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                                                        NUTREX MUSCLE CUTS & DEFINE STACK INCLUDES:

                                                                          MUSCLE INFUSION BLACK 5 LBS
                                                                           NUTREX DEFY BLACK
                                                                           NUTREX LIPO 6 BLACK

                                                                  COMBO STACK PRICE : 9,599

                                                                                (MRP : 11,999)

                           XTREME'S MEN CUTS STACK

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                                                           XTREME MEN CUTS STACK INCLUDES:

                                                                        ON HYDRO WHEY 3.5 LBS
                                                                       MUSCLETECH AMINO BUILD
                                                          GRENADE THERMO DETONATOR FAT BURNER

                                                                     COMBO STACK PRICE : 12,399

                                                                                 (MRP : 15,200)


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                                       BSN NUTRITION SHRED FAT FAST STACK INCLUDES:

                                                              BSN SYNTHA 6 ISOLATE  4 LBS
                                                                   BSN HYPER SHRED 90 TABS
                                                                        BSN AMINO X  30 SER                                                      

                                                          COMBO STACK PRICE : 10,699 

                                                                            (MRP : 13,400)


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                                               NUTREX WOMEN SLEEK STRENGTH STACK INCLUDES:

                                                              NUTREX DEFY BLACK  414 GMS
                                                                   NUTREX HEMORAGE BLACK 300 GMS

                                                                    NUTREX LIPO 6 HERS  120 CAPS                                                     

                                                          COMBO STACK PRICE : 6,999

                                                                            (MRP : 8,100)

          Ramped up Metabolism and Thermogenesis

Greater Conversion of Glucose to Energy rather than Fat.

Before embarking on such an ambitious workout plan it is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor to get a check up and obtain your overall health. A personal trainer is also essential for your success. Thoroughly research trainers to make sure that you find someone that will work well with you, has the proper credentials, and can develop a workout regimen tailored specifically for you.

To discover what will work best for your body type, metabolism, and your overall goals, a personal trainer will have the knowledge to navigate through this very confusing terrain of supplements. Because there are legal and illegal substances, as well as the fact that supplements will have different effects on different people.

There is also a method to taking the supplements in conjunction with your fitness and diet program. Your health is paramount and you don’t want to damage any muscles, tissues, or organs by taking legal supplements in an unsafe manner. Besides listening to your trainer, there are many bodybuilding forums, blogs, and websites that offer advice and techniques. 

This way, you can educate yourself and then discuss the information with your trainer. A muscle growth supplement will not help you develop muscles overnight and they aren’t magic muscle growth pills that you can pop and expect to work without doing any exercise. What they can help you accomplish is to develop a muscular body faster, but they aren’t necessary to building muscle.

Once you get a trainer, an exercise routine, a diet that will help you achieve your goals, and the perfect combination of muscle growth supplements for you, that strong, sexy, healthy body will be yours!

What Causes Muscle Growth 

This will deplete the muscle’s energy stores and cause microscopic damage to the muscle tissue. During recovery, these stores of glycogen and phosphocreatine will replenish from carbohydrates and creatine ingested as food or supplements.

An Introductory Guide to Body Building Supplements 

The supplements however can help in increasing the rate of muscle growth and development. Simply put, diet supplements are body building tools that aid in increasing the potential of muscle building. 

Muscle Growth 

Not only the bodybuilding news but also about some of the best supplements that are entering into the market, and thatiis the way I recently came to know about Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training. 

To Men Who Want to Build Muscle Faster - But Can’t get Started … 

You should sleep as least 8 hours a day. The reason is that plenty of sleeping will successfully relax and build your muscle mass. If you have any chance for sleeping, sleep as much as you can for more muscle mass growth. 

HGH Role For Being Healthy 

The good thing about liquid supplements is you can have them at anytime of the day with very little preparation. The other benefit is that they add about 30 grams of protein which really benefits muscle growth.