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 PROLAB WHEY ISOLATE 5LBS :RS 6899                                                




 provides ultra pure, rapidly absorbed premium grade protein to support lean muscle growth and help improve recovery time from intense training. With 23 grams of protein per scoop, Whey Isolate helps fuel post-performance replenishment to support maximize muscle growth.†

To maintain sustained physical activity the body requires a constant, readily available source of energizing fuel. If the body becomes depleted of fuel, it begins tapping into it's own energy reserves - muscle. This means that the very muscle you strive to build and maintain is being broken down and converted into energy. A serving of Whey Isolate before a workout pre-loads the body with premium , lean muscle preserving protein which helps reduce the breakdown of muscle tissue to support extended training sessions and increase muscle growth.†

Because Whey Isolate is absorbed so rapidly, it is ideally suited for post workout recovery support. A serving of Whey Isolate immediately after a training session quickly replenishes exercise-damaged muscles. The increased availability of over 21 grams of reparative amino acids floods depleted muscles, launching the repair and recovery process. As muscles are replenished with these foundational building blocks, the body is staged for the next round of physically demanding activity.†

With only 120 calories, ZERO grams of fat and only 1 gram of sugar, Whey Isolate is a perfect high protein snack to help control hunger between meals.†* You do your part. We’ll do ours.™

  • 23 grams of Protein Per Scoop
  • Ultra Pure, Fast Absorbing Protein†
  • Stimulates Lean Muscle Growth†
  • Over 21 grams of Amino Acids for Quick Post-Performance Replenishment†‡
  • ZERO Fat & Only 1 gram of Sugar!


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