Quality Nutrition Technology (QNT)

Quality Nutrition Technology (QNT) is a privately owned company with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium (Europe). Established in 1988 the QNT organization has become recognized as one of the premier nutrition supplement brands in the world. Distributed in over 41 countries across Europe. Middle East, Asia and North America.

“For over 20 years QNT’s devoted team has developed scientifically proven products to create superior size, strength and performance for athletes of all sports disciplines worldwide“

QNT works with researchers and athletes around the globe to create effective and great tasting products.QNT uses the highest quality ingredients in our own manufacturing facility certified to ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP. Now we have combined the best of American research with leading European technologies. Each QNT product is designed to help you achieve power, stamina, energy and peak muscular performance, in the gym on the field or in the ring. Here’s the rule if we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we won’t build it.

Stay Strong



QNT  ZERO CARB 2.27KG Xtreme spl price offer : Rs 5999

                                     MRP : Rs 6500 (8% OFF)



QNT WHEY PROTEIN 2.27KG   Xtreme spl price offer : Rs  5799

                                     MRP : Rs 6500 (11% OFF)