Company Overview: 

RADEVIK™ has created its place in sports nutrition industry by introducing finest quality & most effective products in the market that are direct result of years of intensive research, extremely experienced experts, finest raw material & use of today's cutting edge technology

RADEVIK™ products are manufactured under strict quality control measures, with the world′s finest raw materials and top notch ingredients at world class facility.

RADEVIK™ product categories include Protein Powders, Performance Enhancers, Amino Acids, Protein Bars, Weight Gain, and Weight Loss to help individuals achieve their goals such as Muscle Growth, Recovery, Endurance, Strength & Energy, Boost Immune System, Gain Weight, or Burn Fat.

Our commitment is to produce best quality, scientifically researched sports nutrition supplements. 

Athletes, bodybuilders, sports enthusiasts and leisure active individuals all care about their bodies. They want the best supplements for their bodies and they want assurance that the products that they use in their bodies are clean and pure.

Enter Radevik Enmamica. We’re a family of sports enthusiasts that care about our own bodies and want the best products for our own bodies. But we have other talents as well – besides being athletes and body builders ourselves, we’re a group of friends with more than the average skills. We’re a group of M.D., Ph.D.’s and other skilled professionals, who have many many years collective experience in using supplements, formulating supplements, manufacturing supplements, and assuring the quality of supplements. That’s why we’ve come together – a group of friends, who are more like family, but with an unbeatable set of skills, to bring you the best sports supplements on the market.


What do we mean by the Best Supplements:

·         Our supplements are Formulated To Work. Solid, meaningful ingredients brought together in dynamite formulas that do what we ask of them. We use natural active ingredients that are effective and safe. We have brought our collective experiences together to develop products that we take ourselves.


·         Our supplements are Clean and Pure. Supplements free of watered down ingredients, so common in today’s supplements. This differentiates us as a family – we care.  Many corporations don’t care – all they care about is making a profit. Our ingredients are tested for purity. Our ingredients are clean. We guarantee this to you.



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